The MGT group, founded in 1999, is a leading producer and manufacturer of premium quality lubricants, base oil & oil derivatives in the UAE. Based in Dubai, the group is engaged in various businesses including Import/Export, Retail, Wholesale & Manufacturing of Industrial Lubricants, Engine Oil & Greases.  MGT distributes to markets throughout the Middle East & Africa, with our TOP GATEX brand reaching consumers in over 30 countries. Our group has a strong market position in this sector and operates a successful services business with a wide existing network of distributors & a long list of customers spreading over Africa, Eastern Europe (Romania, Hungary) and the Middle East (Iraq, Yemen, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Algeria, Morocco, Tunisia & Libya).Our company has an annual turnover of over 50 million US Dollars (2013 figures). We foresee considerable growth over the next 5 years with the economic boom in Dubai. MGT intends on expanding the company to match growing market demands with its dedicated multinational team. 

Our Company is committed to provide the best support and service quality to its customers with the aim of embarking on a year-on-year growth rate of 18% over the next three years. We are known for our high quality assurance and level of innovation.


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