ISSA GEAR Oil SAE 90 Agrandir


SAE 90

ISSA GEAR Oil SAE 90 is formulated with advance additives and high quality refined base stocks to provide maximum protection engines. 

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Features and Benefits:


1.   Clean engine and improve fuel economy

2.   Reduce internal engine heat and friction

3.   Exceptional Wear Protection for longer engine life

4.   Helps retard harmful deposit formation on vital engine parts.

5.   Helps protect against rust and corrosion






ISSA GEAR Oil SAE 90 is recommended for:


1.   All heavy duty vehicles such as big lorry, trucks and buses

2.   Agriculture Tractor

3.   High Mileage Diesel Engines 

4.   Tough construction equipments.







PACKAGING RANGES : 1L, 4L, 5L, 20L, 200L,208L